Dr. Jeff Ascherman for Assembly

I am Dr. Jeff Ascherman,

and I am running for New York State Assembly.

As I have done throughout my professional life as a doctor and professor of surgery, I will work hard to serve ALL New Yorkers. Healthcare, and healthcare legislation, is so important to all of us. Yet, THERE IS NOT A SINGLE MEDICAL DOCTOR SERVING IN THE NEW YORK STATE LEGISLATURE. I would like to fill that gap, and act as a resource for my fellow legislators of all parties in bringing much needed reforms to our current healthcare system.

I am a doctor and not a professional politician. I am married, and have raised four children on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Having served as a public member on Community Board 8, I am also familiar with many of the the other issues that are important to our community.

Unfortunately, I have witnessed firsthand the deterioration in the quality of our neighborhood over the past several years, with increased homelessness, a decreased feeling of safety in our streets, and increased frustrations with our public transportation system.

As Assemblyman, I will work hard to improve all of these issues for everyone in the community. I ask for your support & vote on November 6th.


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